General cargo from / to Europe

PTG Transportation Co service include:

  • Freught delivery from urope, sia, countries of South and Nort America as a combined freught;
  • Warehousing in Germany and in Italy;
  • Weekly freught shipping from Germany and  Italy; 
  • Assistance in export from Germany; 
  • Assistance in export from  Italy; 
  • Finansial logistics; 
  •  Cargo insurance;

Current logistic routes for combined freughts:


Country of origin: Storage consolidation (intermediate hop) Transit time on the road (to the Moscow region)
China Munich (warehouse Bremen) 9-12 days
Korea Munich (warehouse Bremen) 7-9 days
USA Munich (warehouse Bremen) 5-7 days
Canada Munich (warehouse Bremen) 5-7 days
ustralia Munich (warehouse Bremen) 8-11 days
Vietnam Munich (warehouse Bremen) 9-12 days
hailand Munich (warehouse Bremen) 7-9 days
Sengapore Munich (warehouse Bremen) 7-9 days
Japan Munich (warehouse Bremen) 7-9 days
UAI(Dubai) Munich (warehouse Bremen)
9 - 12 days
India Munich (warehouse Bremen) 12 - 14 days
Greece Munich (warehouse Bremen) 12 -14 days
Italy Verona, Verona warehouse 8 - 10 business days 
Spain Verona, Verona warehouse 8 - 10 business days



PTG  Transportation company deliver cargo from almost all European countries. To request the delivery of cargo from Europe please contact us at  +7 495 663 94 12 or via e-mail:;

International freight fowarding from China to Russia; International transportation of cargo  from the USA to Russia; Delivery of LTL cargo from Europe to Russia;
Shipping to Turkmenistan
from Europe, China, United States;