Sea Transportations

PTG offers a container traffic. This type of transportation is particularly relevant to the intercontinental transports. Container traffic is a distinct type of transportation due to its convenience and cost.

PTG offers the container freight delivery by sea from South-East Asia (China, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam), UAE, USA, Canada, Western Europe, Eastern Europe.

Reception and forwarding of goods are being produced in the following European ports: Klaipeda (Lithuania), Kotka (Finland), Riga (Latvia) and the Russian port of FCT (St. Petersburg) as well.

We offer a range of freight forwarding services when the sea transportation is provided:

  • Sea shipping using the various products, including container; 
  • Acceptance of freight of any quantity, validation of the required documents and provision of continuous monitoring (tracking) of the freight status; 
  • Freight consolidation; 
  • Elaboration of optimal routes of transportation through the main cargo seaport operations; 
  • Agency service and processing at the seaport; 
  • "To door" delivery and assistance in customs validation;

To request the sea freight transportation please call +7 495 663 94 12.

International freight fowarding from China to Russia; International transportation of cargo  from the USA to Russia; Delivery of LTL cargo from Europe to Russia;
Shipping to Turkmenistan
from Europe, China, United States;