Export  from Russia: all kinds off cargo. 
Motor transportation to / from: Europe, CIS countries;
Cargo delivery to/ from:  South/Middle Asia, USA, Europe, CIS countries to Russia by sea.
General cargo from China; Kazakhstan; Cargo transportation from USA; Motor trucking.

«Patix Trans Group»
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Freight Forwarding company PTG.

Our Service:

• express delivery of cargo to Turkmenistan;
• air transportation of cargo to Ashgabat;
• International freight Turkmenbashi;




Our company offers to use our services on organization of export of cargo from Russia.

We can:

  • export of raw wood;


Freight forwarding company PTG:

Availability of own offices in the U.S. allow us to provide the following services:

- Delivery of cargoes from the U.S. to Russia; ( >>>


PatixGroup is the multimodal forwarding agent. We render services on transportation of cargoes worldwide any kinds of transport.

It aviadelivery from the USA, aviatransportations from >>>


Freight Forwarder Agent PTG provide services for the delivery of cargo from China to Russia.

Our service:

- Assistance in exporting to China, the promotion of >>>


Freight Forwarding Company  PTG reminds: You can to contact the our forwarder company by e-mail: ptg@patixgroup.ru, as well as for for the timely provision of information about international >>>