Freight Delivery from Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro

PTG Transportation Co offers motor transportation of yor freight from Serbia (Belgrad, Subotica, Novi-sad, Pristina, Nis, Kragujevac, Prizren), Slovenia (Ljubljana, Maribor) to Russia

  • transportation by 82, 100, 120-cubes cars;
  • transportation of consumer goods (clothes,bedding, household supplies, spares);
  • freight shipping;

The approximate delivery time from Serbia to Moscow Region is 8-9 days;

The approximate time of delivery from SLovenia to Moscow Region is 9-10 days;
The approximate cost of delivery from Serbia - from 3500 € per 82-cubes car.
The approximate cost of delivery from Slovenia - from 3800 € per 82-cubes car.

Additional services:

  • Finansial logistics; 
  • Assistance in export and freight shipping to Serbia (Belgrad)

Contact our managers at +7 495 663 94 12 for detailed costs and terms of delivery from Serbia and Slovenia

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