On behalf of our client we assist in obtaining the necessary documents for customs clearance:

  • Certificate of Hygiene (sanitary-epidemiological); 
  • Certificate of Conformance (GOST R certificate, the Rostest Certificate);
  • Letter of refusal VNIIS (letter of refusal for Customs); 
  • Certificate of fire safety (fire certificate);

Sanitary-epidemiological certificate (Certificate of hygiene) – the document which certifies that the products correspond to health standards (MT) and sanitary rules (SanPiN). The sanitary and epidemiological certificate is being issued by authorities of State Sanitary-epidemiological inspectorate (SES, TSGSEN) after the examination of products (products conditions, TU) on the basis of test record and produced documents. Sanitary-epidemiological certificate is binding on importation of a lot of products to Russia.

Certificate of Conformance GOST R – the document which confirms that the goods correspond the requirements of quality and security rules prescribed by current standards and regulations (GOST, GOST R, GOST R IEC TC, etc.). Certificate of Conformance is also known as Certificate of Quality, Certificate of safety, the RosTest Certificate, Customs Certificate, etc. If the certification of products is mandatory, the Certificate of Conformance will be given on the yellow form. However Certificate of Conformance may be voluntary - in this case the form of the Certificate of Conformance will be blue. There’s the Resolution which regulates the process of obtaining the Certificate of Conformance for the various products (Resolution of the State Standard of Russian Federation from July 30, 2002 N 64 “On Nomenclature of products and services (works), which are necessary to be certificated and about Nomenclature of products, which conformance might be sustained by Declaration of conformance”). If the product is in the list of this document, it is the subject to compulsory certification and it is necessary to get the yellow certificate of compliance. The certificate of conformance will be issued on the basis of products test record. The test can be accomplished by any accredited laboratory. Notice: if the output is not only the subject to certification of Conformance but also is a subject to fire certification (Order of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations from July 8, 2002 N 320 «On approval of the list of products which are necessary to be certificated in the field of fire safety»), or sanitary – epidemiological certification (according to the order of 776 from 21.11.2005 «On the sanitary-epidemiological expertise products» need a sanitary-epidemiological certificate (hygiene certificate), etc. then the certificate of compliance with GOST R can be obtained only after all the documents listed below are completed. If the output is not the subject to compulsory certification, then you may obtain a voluntary certificate or letter of refusal in order to improve the competitiveness. However it is not required and has a voluntary basis. It is important to know that to be able to get the certificate of conformance it is not always necessary to get the test of products. Particularly this moment is being regulated by product certification schemes.

The letter of refusal is the document, which proves that the products are not the subject to compulsory certification and issued by the office of certification. This letter should be done on the letterhead of the certification authority issuing the letter of refusal.

The letter of refusal is required when it is not clear that the product must be certified. This is the most common issue for supervisors (trading inspection and inspection from other departments) and customers who ask for a certificate for any goods). The letter of refusal for the Customs may be issued only by All-Russian Research Institute of Gosstandart Certification in Russia (VNIIS).

Fire Safety Certificate («fire certificate») - the document which certifies that the products meet the requirements of fire safety. It can be issued at the department of supervision of fire safety. If the products are not subject to compulsory certification in the field of fire safety, the letter of refusal could be issued. Certification Authority which issues the letter of refusal must be accredited in the field of fire safety.


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