Customs clearance

PTG offers a full range of services for the declaration, customs validation and customs clearance of freught. On your behalf, we will validate all the necessary documents and assist you with  the passage of all customs procedures.

Our services include: 

  • CCD registration for cargo; 
  • calculation of the optimal cost of customs clearance; 
  • quick customs registration of different types of goods; 
  • storage at SVH; 
  • registration validations at Customs authorities and the Customs Laboratory; 
  • assisting in issuing the certificates of conformities by ROSTEST; 
  • registration of participants of foreign economic activity, writing letters, statements and contracts in the field of foreign trade activity; 
  • informational support and advice on general and special issues of customs questions.

We provide our clients with full-set of documents for the commodity (a copy of CCD, invoice, contract, certificates if needed). Thus, we provide you with maximum comfort in document registration while delivering the cargo.

For any questions please contact us +7 495 663 94 12.

International freight fowarding from China to Russia; International transportation of cargo  from the USA to Russia; Delivery of LTL cargo from Europe to Russia;
Shipping to Turkmenistan
from Europe, China, United States;